Our Shared Vision – Cooperation

We must become the Caretakers of Mother-Father Earth and All Life upon it!

Spread the necessity for an Immediate Reappearance of the Environmental Equilibrium!

A New World is waiting to be Born, if only we choose so!

JOIN US in cooperation with like-minded people of goodwill,
in order to create a critical mass of people needed to establish a fairer world for all.

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.   The Christ


War is a choice and Peace is a choice. Transformation comes from the willingness and we must make necessary changes NOW! A man should not think of himself alone, but rather be seen as co-creator of a Happy Earth. What Earth itself has created, is possible further to develop, not only through our Techno-science as the only worshiping truth but through symbiosis with all its inhabitants.  We must begin to realize that we are only hosts here, created by the warm embrace of our Mother-Father Earth as caretakers and co-creators. 


By the power of our minds and love in our hearts, it is possible to achieve this expansion. We stand on the brink of glorification or possible disaster. We must choose between altruistic or arrogant behavior. Mankind needs to resume responsibility as Caretakers of the Earth. For we were chosen a long time ago for this mission, to develop the full expression of love and compassion, so that the Earth and mankind, would raise in the magnificent glow for the entire Universe.

THE PEACE TRAVELER QUEST – Do Not Be Silent! Do Not Be Violent!

The main purpose of Peacetraveler community is to inspire others with awareness of Life Beyond our tiny planet! The human origin lies far beyond time and space and our appearance on this planet is based on Great Power beyond the perception of our mortal personality. Love is an actual energy substance of which the entire Universe is made of and held in place. Without it, all life would vanish.


Love for all living beings is the primary obligation for mankind. With physical participation and allegiance on the location where you reside, so much can be done! It requires commitment, cooperation and love, to achieve the synthesis of two major directions – political and spiritual. If your bad conscience has been aroused, then respond and react, but try to be prudent with convictions. There is a place for everybody and our Mother-Father Earth is rich and can provide for everyone. 


Soon a time will come when the majority of mankind, become aware of immense spiritual power that lays unused in our hands. That we alone, can change the quality of life. Accepting the facts, that peace, compassion and freedom is essential, today more than ever before.

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