In collaboration with a group of men and women of goodwill, so much can be done and PeaceTraveler Association is a diligent community that really cares. Our main purpose is to raise public awareness about life behind the visible level of existence, as well as preventing harmful interventions in a natural environment and urban society. PeaceTraveler Quest activism leaves zero waste in nature.  We strive to operate non-aggressive and try to be prudent with convictions. Well-conceived strategies of environmental protection organizations and artist like Jens Galschiøt are a great inspiration to us and we are trying to follow their example…

Mankind must open his eyes wide and see a bigger picture!

Wasteful and polluting ways of living, are ruinous to entire human civilization. The rapidly increasing population and enormous rise of technologies influence our life. The man has become a real threat to Earth.  A parasite!

Countless machines are switched on relentlessly day and night, and exhausting the soil. All this is altering our planet for better and for worse. We are involuntarily changing the climate. Alerting, polluting and eradicating ecosystems. By ignoring biodiversity, mankind is influencing the evolution of other organisms, who struggle to adapt to a new human-made world

Our Mother Earth is facing many of human-caused environmental concerns. Global warming, acid rain, air pollution, waste disposal due to overpopulation,  ozone layer depletion, water pollution. Vulnerability to all kind of disasters, flash floods, tsunamis, cyclones … Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are accumulating in the atmosphere, and will cause the unthinkable consequences on Earth’s environment. Issues that affect every human, animal and nation on our planet. 

There should be a state of planetary emergency!

Unless we address this issues prudently and seriously we are surely doomed for disaster. Our lazy habits and persistence in sticking to the routine, will undoubtedly affect future generations. If humans continue moving forward in such a harmful way towards the future, there will be no future to consider. 

So, what future stand in front of us, and how can we survive?

Mankind has had absurd, meaningless and stupid rituals in history and also our era is no exception. Rigid and complicated birocracy! The United Nations, which should bring together its member states to confront the common challenges, is unfortunately, a place of comfortably placed bureaucrats who are even well paid for their inefficiency!

  • Our activism must leave zero waste in nature.
  • We must strive to operate non-aggressive.
  • Different environmental groups around the world play an important role in educating people as to how their local actions can play a big role in in protecting our planet.
  • The new World Government of the WISE MEN, who will be selflessly committed to care-taking of the Earth and loving service to humanity. This is the sole solution, that can inspire and lead mankind to more permanent solutions. One of the last solutions prior to a mass destruction and chaos.
  • For the sake of preservation of species and mankind in general “May we live long and die out” VHEMT(The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement).
  • Facing Extinction …

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing …

PeaceTraveler Quest Founding Members 1980 – 2004

Milan Fraz     Abies Payter      A. Watanabe      Leonard Aslan Rubins    —    Andrea Ryzen      Marko Francis      John Vogelnik     Eda Maharshi

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OUR ACTIVISM REQUIRE YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT! PeaceTraveler Association does not receive any funds from the state and we try to finance our initiatives alone, but we are largely dependent upon generous donations. Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for the continuation of PeaceTraveler Association work. (See The purpose of PeaceTraveler Association). THEREFORE, WE CALL ON ALL  PEOPLE OF GOODWILL TO SUPPORT OUR ENDEAVOUR!  Every single donation counts no matter how modest it might seem to you.  EVERY DONATION is AWARDED in form of FREE download at Art of Immanent Spirit and/or PeaceTraveler membership! (Contribution of our founding members!) So, please, be our supporter and donate to a good cause!  Thank you!

PeaceTraveler Association
P.O. Pox 16, 4274 Zirovnica – Slovenia
IBAN: SI56 0510 0700 1115 429 (Abanka d.d.)
Purpose code: OTHR(or)CHAR
Reference number: SI00 date of transfer
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Endeavours of our association:
  • PeaceTraveler Association is working closely with the Slovenian Association for the Protection of Animals and doing our best to reduce the hunting of rare species of free-living wild animals.
  • Our members are taking part in annual environment actions for collection of dumped trash and waste in the natural environment. We were also active in Slovenia reforestation campaigns in 2015.
  • We have drawn to public attention many of doubtful interventions which are taking place in urban society and natural environment. Unfortunately, in many areas of urgent changes needed, the measures are already choked in bureaucracy, prior implementation.
  • PeaceTraveler Association is striving to influence this through the campaign Chairman please, simplify our country! With newspaper articles (which are raising public awareness) and participation in public demonstrations against corruption.
  • Without bees, there is no life – is another action, where we are taking part. In recent years, bees have been facing increasing threats. We have a moral obligation to ensure our future generations to have diverse and nutrient-rich food available, for which bees and other pollinators play an important role.  PeaceTraveler Association is actively involved in promotion activities related to the World Bee Day initiative, 20th may 2018.
  • Through public petitions in cooperation with non-government organizations, PeaceTraveler Association has contributed to the revision of the Constitution in Slovenia to record the constitutional right to clean drinking water for all citizens. Thus, water resources can’t be privatized and belong to all the citizens.

Every Donation is Awarded! Visit Art of Immanent Spirit gallery!

We call on all people of goodwill, to support our endeavors! Help us to continue the work of PeaceTraveler Association. Every donation is awarded in form of Digital Art, so please, be our supporter and donate to a good cause!

Artworks delivered worldwide!

Different sizes of prints available. Up to 1000 x 800 mm sizes can be sent.(Artwork prints are rolled in a Shipping Tube).  Our art is available as: download files (up to 4500 pixels length) and signed art prints  (up to 1000 x 800 mm). Printed as:  Art Photo UV* (glossy), Inkjet UV* prints (matte), Art on Canvas UV*(best option)* UV-resistance 

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