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Our primary activism is the presentation of digital scenography as well as raising awareness about the vanishing and long-forgotten worlds.


Although we – the privileged members of the society – are totally submerged by modern technology, we prefer to be caretakers of the remaining ecosystems and artists at the same time. We reflect deeply on the subject of the tenuous and fragile future of our home planet, as we know it. The remaining ecosystems should never become an object of trade!

The primary task of a deliberate community must be,  to reduce the relentless interventions and contamination of the Earth.


All we need is Love?

WE CALL ON ALL  PEOPLE OF GOODWILL, TO SUPPORT OUR ENDEAVOR! Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for the continuation of PeaceTraveler Association activity. EVERY DONATION is AWARDED in form of a free download from Digital Art Gallery and PeaceTraveler membership!

 Art for Peace

PeaceTraveler Association

The PeaceTraveler Asociation is a movement in space and time, a community without national limitations. It is primarily a well-balanced organism, connected through a physical and spiritual level. The activities are based on the strategically well-thought-out quests of our diligent members. The PeaceTraveler Association avoids the status of the association on the physical location, it is more a state of mind. It emphasizes great importance to the Immanent Transcendent Spirit of Light. 

 Art for Peace

So many possibilities, but so little willingness for change!

Art of Peace quest is to create, publish and exibit a suggestive variety of digital scenography of vanishing and long ago forgotten worlds.  The global ignorance and arrogance to human-caused environmental catastrophes are our main creative motivation. Well-conceived strategies of environmental protection organizations and artists are our inspiration. By following their example, the Art of Peace is striving to operate strictly non-aggressive. →

 Art for Peace

Art Prints and Digital Downloads

Notification for visitors! PeaceTraveler Association does not receive any funds from the state and is largely dependent upon generous donations and support from Donors. Any financial assistance is a valuable contribution and support for the continuation of the PeaceTraveler Association activism. Visitors find all preferred hi-resolution art for DOWNLOAD at DigitalArt Association, and purchase prints on canvas in sizes up to 120cm/42 inch(long side).

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