Has mankind ever been a caretaker of his home planet?

Everything matters, while nothing is important!
What if our Earth performs a deep biological breath of relief … from us?

There is a new world waiting to be born, if only we would choose so ...

Love for all living beings is the primary obligation for mankind, for we are only hosts here,
created by the warm embrace of our Mother-Father Earth.

PeaceTraveler Association - a message of hope for everyone!

Only we alone, can change the quality of life and co-create more equitable world. …
Empowered by the Immanent Transcendent Spirit of Light

You are what your deep, driving desire is.

As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As you deed is, so is your destiny …
The Upanishads

When have we become associates of relentless exploitation of our planet?

We are living in a strange world. Life has become so out of balance, that we consider these extreme aberrations as normal. The widespread corruption and the decay of values can be clearly seen. The majority of politicians are motivated only by a lust for power and all-mighty God of money. The present situation on the Earth is close to destroying a majority of mankind! If we allow a few maniacs making irreparable damage to our magnificent planet, which is a home for countless inhabitants, then we are really foolish, indeed! This madness, this infectious condition of relentless arrogance and ignorance, MUST STOP! The occurrence of the human race on this planet was closely related to the caretaking of the Father-Mother Earth. Caretaking! What does that mean? If someone is caring for you, they do this with love, consideration, and respect! And what care do we give to our home planet?

Spread the Necessity for an Immediate Reappearance of Environmental Equilibrium!

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…

Our shared vision

A drive for a better life is equal to all living beings. Let us sense and express responsibility for the complexity of the living system of plants, animals, water and air, that is nourishing us so generously. Accept, that within us is a wonderful resource of power, that can inspire our choices and behaviors. Generally only we, alone, can change the quality of our lives!
We need to accept this and receive it as a Truth!

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